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E n d u r e t

This exciting and unofficial competition is organized by a group of friends who love enduro, who are dedicated to bringing together both known and unknown participants to enjoy a day full of adrenaline and camaraderie in the impressive Catalan lands.

The competition takes place on a course specially designed to challenge the abilities and resistance of the runners. The sections of the course are varied and challenging, with hilly terrain, narrow trails and natural obstacles, such as rocks and logs, that will test the skills of the drivers. The participants will face a combination of timed and special sections, where they will have to demonstrate their speed and technical ability to overcome the obstacles in the shortest possible time.

The atmosphere of the competition is friendly and full of camaraderie. The organizers, who are close friends and passionate about enduro, strive to create a welcoming and family atmosphere. In addition to regular drivers, they have managed to attract experienced riders from renowned competitions, including some who are going to participate in the Dakar, which adds a special touch to the event.

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