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I am Ignacio Fort (Nacho when traveling), and I was born in Barcelona, Spain. I am an adventure addict, a sports passionate, a traveller and a photography fanatic.

In 2015 I did my first solo travel to India. Since then, I've been traveling every summer all over the World discovering different cultures, meeting extraordinary people and visiting very inspiring places.

So far, I've visited more than 50 countries in 5 continents and still counting.

My interest in photography started in 2016 when I was travelling around the Philippines. There I met a photographer and showed me his amazing photos. It was at that moment when I felt that I wanted to make other people feel the same and capture the world as I feel it. So back in Barcelona I bought my first camera, a Canon EOS 750D. Since then I started studying photography by myself and doing several courses. Little by little I've been upgrading my camera gear and it became in one of my biggest passions.

Nowadays my big dream is to become a travel photographer, visiting unexpected places and taking the best shots.

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